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Not every artifact of destiny turns into a sword, or transforms you, or makes you a mighty warrior. Nor is every magical force a mysterious crystal. This one is a humble-looking wooden wheel, made by mortal hands. Its craftsman was a merchant desperate to repair his wagon so he could sell his wares at the next town. He let his friends fend off the monsters, befriend the local villagers, and so on, while he worked humbly.

From the day he installed that new wheel, fortune followed him. You know how there's somehow a shopkeeper standing right outside the Tower of Ultimate Peril, ready to sell you his stock of legendary +7 crystal swords and Potions of Cure Ridiculous Wounds? He basically got to be that guy. He was always in the right place at the right time. But after he got lazy and took his mercantile skill for granted, the merchant lost his wagon, and the wheel rolled and bounced into other hands. Sometimes it was a ship's wheel, or even a random restaurant decoration that happened to attract just the right customers. In any case, the Wheel exerted a benign and subtle influence on fate, on behalf of all the non-adventurer folk.

Created by Snow

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