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the Water-bearers: under a newly established and very basic leadership of Tizocoatl, the tiatlaca have begun to exploit the natural resources of their cold land, because there is no way to grow crops in the frozen, rocky soil, a special group of tiatlaca are designated the water-bearers. they have the important job of carrying large containers of water into the caves on the cliff faces of Frost Island. there, they place the containers of water on top of naturally occurring geothermal vents of hot air and steam. they then carry the heated water back to the communal living area of the tiatlaca, although they have not yet established a city, and continue to live in makeshift tents and basic wood shelters, with the arrival of a source of hot water, it is slowly becoming possible for the tiatlaca to grow basic crops and help to cultivate the existing fruit trees, whose fruit seems resistant to cold but which take a long time to grow and bear their fruit. understandably the popularity of the water-bearers increased dramatically over little time and soon it was considered the highest of honors to brave the high cliffs and dark caves to attain the hot water needed for farming. As they appeared to be the most respected and well-organized group, Tizocoatl decided to slowly give them the opportunity to establish a rule by the people, as a hard-working and trusted group, they are quickly accepted as the leaders of the tiatlaca as Tizo slips away to carry on with his other plans…

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