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The Second was the Tin. The Tin family did not much look like the Silvers, even if in the same race… They were covered in fur… having ears atop there head, and having long tails, sometimes more then one! Its hard to tell if they are cat like… dog like… mouse like… weasel like or any other mamal… as the often had different traits ORIGINALLY. They did not shear their brothers and sisters risk taking and “jump in attitude”. Instead they preferred the quite. They talked little and instead meditated… in fact they had such a difference in viwes, they instead DIStrusted most things they heard… this is not to say they. didn't have a thirst for truth as well… but it was ONLY TRUTH they sought! Lies, and untruth could not be let into their minds!

After years of living the families inter twined… however this showed intresting results. A child of a Silver and a Tin could look like either one…. or sometimes both! Having a human body but a animal like tail, and or ears. HOWEVER… no matter their look they ALWAYS took after ONE of the familes, as in a fur covered snorted child might very well become a Silver… meaning he is wide eyed and always looking for fun… and more information to soak in! Likewise a human like Knowlsek might be a Tin, being more slow and thoughtful!

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