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Some Utoypians came along on the space mission. They seemed not to share the Chiaro sense of urgency and panic that drove the self-imposed lunar exile. But they'd consulted with Leod's Dun and with the current Zenith holder, who was far too busy trying to save his people to join them in the sky. Why go to war when there was a simpler way to help the explorer skunks? And so, their magic created the Plushstripes, skunktaurs made of living cloth and stuffing. They shared the same basic morality as their flesh-and-blood cousins (+1 alignment), and their much lower life support needs aided them in expanding Leod's Dun and exploring the moon.

The flying city became obvious to onlookers with telescopes, with airships and a form of radio broadcast maintaining contact with the world below. The generation of Chiaro and Plushstripes born in orbit began to question whether it was really their mission to go back to the icky ground someday, for more than a brief resource-gathering trip. Why not just stay up there, selling exotic microgravity magitech, and trying to snag passing asteroids?

Created by Snow

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