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The Pomharpi beings that have arrived on this world already are not the only ones to have come… Just as the Poms accepted Batosians into their ranks, they offered an inclusive paw to many and all, including some surprising souls who chose to venture forward with them. One of which is Nicephorus, a member of the fallen race of Man. One of the mages that hid in cowardice during Adamis’s final hours, he was cursed with the form of a Scrounger, a hideous, deformed creature looking as a chimera of a locust and a rat. The most despised and hated of the fallen races, Nicephorus knows what it means for others to hold him in contempt… and it is a feeling that he regards the universe with mutual disdain. Deep, wounded anger writhes in his veins, old and ancient as they are, as he was one of the last surviving members of his race to have witnessed the fall of the Floating City. For a time he cast in his lot with the Poms, a race he felt a kindred bond with: both seen as vermin by the rest of the world. He joined them in their accession, but he has grown restless, unsatisfied with the new life he has. He is somewhat of an admirer of Adriana, and follows her to this world, secretly harboring centuries of spite and venom.

Created by Radioactive Toast

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