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A dazzling medley of rapturous light pierces the heavens over the Ascended Vale (A13, A14). The crystalline eggs shimmer from within, revealing the slender silhouettes of the creatures sleeping within. The inner lights swell, gaining in intensity until at last the eggs begin to burst, all over the valley, and the Melodians are born. Their eyes shine with warmth, and their coats reflect the crystalline eggs they were born from. Four feathery wings adorn their backs.

The shimmering remnants of the crystal eggs sink from sight, vanishing into the firmament, only to appear again in the form of tall fruit-bearing trees, food for the fledgeling race. The Melodians flourish in the isolation of the Ascended Vale, protected, for now, by the harsh winds and driving snow that surrounds their snowy home.

Rumors abound, of the source of the lights that rose so high through the clouds. Some say that on the days when the wind roars the least, you can hear the Song, a faint glimmer of light on the din of the eternal storm. Few have dared to brave it, and so far none have returned. Their fate is not hard to guess.

As the fledgeling Melodians stake out a meager existence in the ascended vale, their creator makes himself known to them. A temple is constructed in his honor, and the Church of the Lights forms to worship him. An Order of priests serves in the temple, headed by a High Priestess. She is called Arylia, and she is much loved by her people. Wise as she is beautiful, she becomes the center of Melodian culture.

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