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Over the years, Myrddin or Merlin had worked his way into the courts of King Arth and had distinguished himself as an impressive asset, knowledgeable in seemingly endless amounts of topics and sciences… and 'magics'. He has become court wizard and an individual of great influence… though whether or not it is due to his powers or not is debatable. Although the founding of the Council of the Round Table is commendable, Myrddin laments that no order of bureaucrats and nobles can exert any form of appropriate power without a sword and shield in hand. He thus formed the Knights of the Round Table.

The Knights are high ranking soldiers, the best of the realm who have accepted the call to leadership and join the Council as military leaders and advisers. Numbering 100 exactly, these noble Knights are technically independent of the Council, but whose goals are to defend the realm. Although they are subservient towards King Arth, they are still highly influenced by the words of Myrddin, the Wizard.

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