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As the years went on, the elementals went on their way, heading twoards the center of the world. From the west, the Ice elemental froze land and sea, as it trudged its way into the inner sea, and slowly began to climb the cold side of the split orbs isle.

From the north the fire elemental trudged on agian, covering the last easter of Kolorn in a thin layer of glass, and boiling the inner sea, as it collected the last red orb, and began to trek up the hot side of the split orbs isle.

It was at the top of the mountain where the Orb sat that they would meet. Those curious enough to watch the happenings would see the two elementals look at each other in the eye, press a hand into the orb, and then.


In a matter of moments the entire island exploded in a cloud of magic, smoke, dust and light, nearly blinding onlookers and thoes in the cities nearby, the cloud of dust shot straight up in the air, before flowing outward and began forming large dust storms that covered the lands about the ring.

As quick and violently as the eruption started, it stopped…and all that remained of the elementals at the island was a ringed lagoon…a ringed lagoon that had a large bright object floating over it. The orb, which to onlookers looked to almost be 50 stories wide, floated above the island with almost a tranquil look to it. As time went on however, the orb began to change, as strands of light began forming what looked to be a broad muzzle and short vulpine feet. Whiskers then formed as did triangular ears, before the body followed in the proper curved vulpinish shape. With the body done, the tails formed one at a time, until size long flowing tails flowed out from behind it, and the great kitsune awoke from his birth slumber with a rumble of a yawn. Looking about, the Kitsune looked over the lands nearby, and decided to try to greet people in the simpilist way it could think…by telepathically saying to every person within 3×3 square radius of it “Hi”.

Created by Kenku

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