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The dimensional city of Kruos stands as a marvel in the world, while it could perhaps said to be located in the southernmost peninsula chain of the main continent of the world, in reality it does not exist there at all, but beyond the material plane completely. This does not prevent its dimensionally shifting inhabitants from being able to access the material world… nor vice versa. Flurps, the inflatable pink orca toy, comes across a traveling band of Aeons returning to their capital, following in their wake. The resulting meeting is one of surprise and confusion, but the many myriad types of elementals quickly congregate around the Utoypian, finding her presence infectious in its own way. Many simply note her and move on, but many of the brighter colored, good leaning Aeons are enamored, their minds filled with her being and what she represents, her joy almost bubbling over till they become almost filled with it. They become almost obsessed with happiness and joy, leading to many of their fellow Aeons to question their wellbeing. They start to draw together, mingling less with their fellow Aeons and forming the Joy Afflicted.

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