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Ignis could sense a coming power, or perhaps it was a power that already existed, that threatened the world it knew, and in a spark of brilliance, Ignis drew in fire, rock, metal, and even the force of life, and Ignis created the Jaegers within the river valley on its home island.

Jaegers stand tall at about six feet on average, with slender bodies of molten rock, covered in a layer of obsidian which eerily resembles skins and fur, although most have a mane of metal quills along their backs. Their limbs are long so as to allow them to easily maneuver and grab, and their arms and legs are tipped with viciously-clawed appendages which resemble hands and feet. In addition to this, they have cat-like tails, tipped at the end with curved metal blades.

Jaegers are also very social creatures, and tend to coordinate to achieve victory like pack animals, though they clearly show signs of higher intelligence. They communicate through vocalization, and can also burrow through dirt and stone alike. Also, due to the nature of their bodies underneath the ebony exterior, they have very high body temperatures.

  • Advances
    • Ignition
    • Self-Sustained Flames
    • Molten Ground
    • Assisted Leaping
    • Infectious Cauterization
    • Advanced Pyromancy
    • Burning Vengeance
  • Cities
    • Daishi (H1)

Created by Draykin

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