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A long long time ago… On a planet far far away…

There once was a Pomharpii archaeologist named Danyel residing in the great fortress of Sarajevo. The day was grand and he stood amongst millions of his kind and that of their close kin, the Batosians. The crowd were anxious, not just for the fulfillment of the grandest prophecy, but of the great battle being fought beyond their walls. Time was tight and all inside were rather afraid, but they never doubted their Messiah. When they heard of their soldiers yell “Victory!” as the great tower lit, all celebrated as they ascended to a higher plane of existance, obtaining near godlike knowledge and power. Danyel was truly happy as he flew across his world as an etherial form of energy, studying all civilizations on his world, exploring ancient human tombs without harming the surroundings. He was truly alive.

Until the one day when he had discovered all there was to be discovered. Much of his kind still remain on their homeworld even as ascended beings. Home is home after all. Danyel bid farewell to his homeworld and explored the stars. Until one day….

Created Donnie

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