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The Crondins are bipedal, humanoid reptiles, ranging from 7 to 9 feet in height. They're backs are covered with lines of ridges similar to that of a crocodile, with razor teeth and claws. Being reptiles, they are cold-blooded, and as such they do not handle cold well. The most that they would be able to survive in would be in temperate climates, and that just barely. Since they reside in the tropical zone, they wear very scant clothing items, basically amounting to a loin cloth.

At this stage, they have a very decentralized form of governance. Tribes are spread across the swamp regions described above, with patriarchs who lead in war, trade and internal affairs. Their can be viewed as brutal by outsiders, with disagreements being settled by competition and combat. However, they have strict traditions that must be adhered to. Wars must be fought in certain ways, traditions of the victor and the defeated followed, otherwise violators will they will either be punished by their patriarch, or the Ngarjeck, if it is deemed necessary.

  • Advances
    • Metallurgy
    • Thermal Magic
    • Aqueduct System
    • Magical Refrigeration
    • Ancient Wisdom
    • Beam Weapons
  • Cities
    • Kelorn (E12)
    • Bulwark (E9)
    • Htark (F12)

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