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The Chiaro were a race of centauroid skunk-folk. Most of them were laid-back by nature, content to farm and trade. A substantial fraction, though, became known as Adventurers – or Delvers, or Crazy Fools. The adventurer tradition was built into them at the instinctive level, since their homeland (nice as it was) had a steady supply of dangerous monsters, and those Chiaro willing to defend their villages became popular and powerful. Most Chiaro youths went through an adventuring phase, often leading them to move to other towns before settling down, thus helping the race genetically. Others became wandering mages, mercenaries, and explorers. Still others (some of the smartest) figured out that they could make a lot of money selling goods and services to their weapons-and-armor-obsessed kin. Early in the race's history they explored far enough into the ancient vozard tunnels to discover the Zenith, leading to speculation that its “call” had actually shaped their species from the dawn of time. They first appeared at the sacred land of C4, called the Brightlands.

  • Advances
    • Healing and Protection Magic
    • Airship technology
    • Spaceflight
    • Heroic Power
    • Ten-Ton Stompy Battle Golems
    • Golem Warriors
  • Cities
    • Lindisfarne (C4)
    • Highland (D4)
    • Black Watch (B5)
    • Tuatha (B6)
      • Advance: Life Support Magitech
    • Newcastle (E5)
    • Ultima Thule (A6)
    • Leod's Dun (Above the earth)

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