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Aelous' minions come forth wherever the Stormbeast may arise, so that they may always serve their master.

The Carcharodons are humanoid creatures with lower bodies that make them resemble mermaids of legend, but one would be foolish to think of them as such. They have large dorsal fins on their backs, and fins along their forearms, and their hands are webbed and clawed. Their bodies are also coated in reflective blue scales that are both hard and flexible to allow for agility in water. They have gills as to allow them to breathe in water, but also small lungs to allow them to leave the water for brief periods of time, although upon leaving the water, their tails become hindrances.

Carcharodons are known to grow up to ten feet in length, and do not eat often, for when they find meals, they use their large jaws filled with row upon row of serrated teeth to bite off chunks large enough to sustain them for weeks. They appear with their master at I10.

  • Advances
    • Weather Manipulation
  • Cities
    • Hydros (I9)

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