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 +====== The Wattor ======
 +The Wattor are a species of what we would recognize as gilled otters, inhabiting the area around the subterranean volcanoes of the western sea. A peaceful race, they find little reason for cruelty and suffering, entering them into the world as a good (+1) race.
 +Not having been created by an obvious avatar and lacking monuments to worship, the new race turn to listening to their ancestors. The voice of these ancestors come to them by way of the Circle of Dead, a religious order dedicated to listening to the wisdom of those who have passed away. One of the first things these ancestors reveal to this new race is their name: the Wattor.
 +The Wattor for the moment are just chilling as underwater tribes at the moment. Their only direct neighbors are the also newly born Abyssus. Having little interest in the murky depths of the great chasm, the Wattor aren’t going to be the ones to initiate contact between the two races.
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