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The Tiatlaca people maintain the same basic form as Tizocoatl, also descended from the Axolotl, although Tizo is actually an albino. albinism is much more common in the tiatlaca at a rate of about 1:40, the majority of tiatlaca are brown-colored and can have speckled or flat-color skin. shades of brown range from chocolate brown and lighter to nearly black and speckles are darker than normal skin. all tiatlaca share the external lungs, which fan out from six spines arranged extending from the back of the head. these allow the Tiatlaca to breathe underwater and take in more oxygen than other creatures, making them better suited for their cold, high-altitude habitat. if these external lungs are covered up or damaged, the tiatlaca can continue breathing through a small pair of internal lungs. of course if their external lungs, or any part of them for that matter, is damaged, they can easily regenerate their wounded areas. it can take as little as 10 days to completely regrow a lost limb or a damaged but nonessential internal organ. their regenerative ability gives them a serious advantage over other creatures trying to endure harsh climates. although they spend most of their time on land, if they have zero access to water for more than a few days their skin will dry out, causing extreme pain and hampering their regenerative abilities and restricting physical activity until they can rehydrate, luckily they tend to live near the coastline and the Frost Island is covered in freshwater lakes.

  • Advances
    • Pipework and plumbing
    • ForceStone
    • The Force Cannon
    • Megaships
    • Improved Forcestone Application
    • Advanced Gas Manipulation and Equipment
    • Elemental Powers
  • Cities
    • Den Atzintli (J9)
    • Telcoco (K8)
    • Den Zacatl (H7)
    • Den Tietzal (J6)
    • Cloudcutter Memepixque (Floating City)

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