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 +====== The Society of Individuals Informed Against SATAN (Donnie), Fluff Batosian Division ======
 +Naturally the Fluff Batosians took with them the best of the normal Batosian culture, and thus formed The Society of Individuals Informed Against SATAN (Donnie), Fluff Batosian Division. The Fluff Division takes their informed devotion against SATAN (Donnie) one step further, and thus engages in weekly rituals of anti-worship. This non-sacred ritual consists of venturing into the desert and spray-painting anti-SATAN (Donnie) graffiti on various rocks and stubby trees (because no cities and thus no walls exist yet). This graffiti generally consists of poorly-drawn (they have trouble spray-painting with wing-arms) silrays with devil horns and pitch forks and various enlightening messages in the lines of "DONI SUX" (Spelling has not been invented yet.)
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