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 +====== The Scourge ======
 +{{ :​wiki:​scourge.png?​nolink&​|}}
 +In the western swamps of the western continent, an abomination arises, an unholy menace that is uneleashed upon the world. ​ Some believe them to be spawns of the devil, others believe them to be related to the Krump. ​ Either way, the are known as The Scourge. ​
 ++1 evil obviously
 +Horrid menaces that flood the land and consume and destroy, they seek only to devour all that stands in their way and crush it beneath their cute white feet.  Utilizing swarm tactics involving tens of thousands of individuals,​ all of whom are individually expendable, the Scourge are a race bent on constant warfare and strife, actually encouraging civil war among their own number to hold off overpopulation and to cull the weak.  ​
 +===== The Temple of the Maw =====
 +The temple is represented by a mouthful of gnashing teeth. ​ This unholy caste stands above the fray of the rest of the Scourge, but the competition here is if anything more intense, with betrayal and duplicity not only encouraged but required to advance high into its ranks.
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