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 +====== The Tek ======
 +They are small, but many; humanoid lizards standing a maximum of five feet tall. They have claws with hooked talons on each hand and foot, with webbed fingers and toes and suction cups on their hands and feet, with gills to breathe underwater if they must. They are many shades of grey in color, reflecting the Avatar which created them. They inhabit The Green Bastion, the rainforest around the lake of their birth. They are extremely loyal to the Avatar in the lake, who they named Tek'​Rael,​ and the rainforests they call home.
 +Culturally, they are complex; the race is less defined by what many do, and more on what an individual decides to do. Each Tek takes his or her own path in life and follows it; social groups are around like-minded individuals who become friends, rather than focusing on families. The interests are wide and varied; if you ask a Tek what the Tek do, your only answer will be "​Everything"​. Despite this, though, it seems almost all Tek have a devotion to studying magic, usually to further their individual interests. The Tek are a Good aligned race (+1).
 +===== Advance: Magic =====
 +The Tek have a profound understanding of magic
 +===== The Grey Robes =====
 +a religious/​magi group based in the capital city, devoted to discovering new magics and worshiping Tek'​rael.
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