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 +====== Rakey ======
 +A strange breed of monkey rats, these creatures woke up onto the world calling themselves the Rakey. Standing at an average of four feet, the Rakey are rarely standing at all with their prehensile rat tails and delicate manipulators on all four limbs. Their fur ranges in a varying pallet of autumn colors, with brown being the most common.
 +Playfully moving through the trees, these mobile warrens are united by the bonds of family and the need for protection in a dangerous jungle. They work together, and recognize the need for each other’s wellbeing to survive. As such they enter into the world as a good (+1) race.
 +===== The Watchers =====
 +If there was a leading force amongst the Rakey, it would be the Watchers. While all admire its beauty, ever once in awhile a Rakey will be drawn to the red crystal in the center of the island. There they stare mesmerized at its shifting lights, occasionally drawing inspiration for the betterment of their people. While not direct worship, it is still idolization making them a religious order. ​
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