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 +====== The Larepin ======
 +{{ :​wiki:​larepin.jpg?​nolink&​300|}}
 +The Lord of Balance held upon his grasp three creatures: a rabbit, a fox, and a cat. From these three components he created a new race and threw them onto the western landmass from his center of meditation. From there, independent from his will from which he desired, the new race rose up and began to form their first footsteps. The race will be known as the Larepin species.
 +The typical Larepin is relatively short at 4 feet tall but some individuals can be as tall as 6 feet or as short as 2 feet. The general feature is long ears, bunny legs, and large tails, but like their height these features vary MADLY. Some Larepin can have huge tails but be small in height, some can be extremely tall but lack anything more than a fluffy ball for a tail. In terms of color, the typical pigmentation is creamy yellow/​white with brown stripes or ends on their paws, ears, feet, and tail. However this also varies WILDLY. Some larepin have been known to posses sky blue fur, some black, eye color varies as well from white to hot pink. This is a race of extreme biological diversity.
 +Much to The Lord of Balance'​s designs, the Larepin perform a frightening level of individuality,​ even more so exaggerated from their tremendous birthrate. Few Larepin appear or even act like their parents, each new Larepin almost appears to be completely unique in its own appearance and personality. However these natural traits can be tempered with close family interactions,​ thereby creating clans of similar minded but highly divergent families. A single Larepin is immensely curious and creative, always looking to form new ideas and tools.
 +The midst of this seeming chaos brings about its own form of balance. The Larepin, though primitive at this current stage, show an extreme temperament to form communities of vastly different viewpoints and use the accumulated disagreements to form superior agreements. Larepin are not Larepin if they do not find themselves arguing.
 +Although Larepin are frighteningly chaotic, they do not lean towards evil intentions, nor are they '​good'​ as they tend to be highly destructive in their competitiveness. Therefore the Larepin are a NEUTRAL (0) race.
 +===== Order of the White Dragons =====
 +A sect of Warrior Priests that serve to guide their peoples and teach them the ways of wisdom, but also armed defense.
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