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 +====== Hu'​Mor'​On ======
 +Seemingly arriving out of nowhere, (though it's speculated that they migrated from one of the western continents,​) the Hu'​Mor'​On (roughly translated from Batosian as, 'Big Stupid Thing,'​) arrives in the eastern desert, much to the chagrin of the Batosians. The Hu'​Mor'​On are a whale-like creature, approximately fifty meters from head to tail, covered in large, gaseous sacs of a fowl-smelling substance that allows it to float several thousand meters in the air. The average lifespan of the Hu'​Mor'​On is approximately ten years, leaving many sparks baffled in regards to how the manage to sustain themselves. The Batosians feel nothing but enmity to the creatures, whose corpses fall aggravatingly close to their plateau and stink up the place for days at a time. Thankfully, the oil they produce in place of fat is highly flammable and burns for a logic-defying length of period, so they aren't left out for long unless no Batosian can stomach the trip.
 +The Hu'​Mor'​On would have a group that revered the deity who created them, but their intelligence is far too insignificant to grasp anything beyond such base instincts that plants would be just as likely to show signs of worship. As a result, Hu'​Mor'​On are incapable of any form of religion or of receiving divine commands, which they'd likely be unable to comprehend regardless. Indeed, their survival is purely a testament to their complete lack of predators.
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