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 +====== Foxkind ======
 +In E6 the Avatar receives its instructions and creates a race in its image, in its likeness. They are given minds to think, hearts to feel, feet to travel and hands to work.  Their fiery red fur and long, bushy tails mark them as the children of their creator, who they name Primarch. ​ For themselves, they take the name Foxkind. ​ To their Primarch'​s master, however, they give no name, for the knowledge of him is hidden until such a time as they are ready.
 +Fearing that extensive use of magic would lead to complacency and render them vulnerable to the ruinous powers that even now encroach on their lands the Primarch curtailed their magical potential. ​ Their minds were veiled against the tides and currents of the immaterium such that few would ever be aware of it, and those that were would have but fleeting glimpses. ​ To repay this handicap, their intellect is sharpened and their faith made resolute. ​ They are to be masters of the physical realm, protecting their forest and reclaiming the tainted lands around them with fire and faith.
 +===== Civilization Advances =====
 +==== Science ====
 +Luminurbis becomes a center of science and research, dedicated to the Empirical Truth. ​ The technology of Foxkind is crude to begin with, but develops rapidly as they discover principles of metalwork, masonry, agriculture,​ and various physical sciences. ​ With subtle help from their hidden deity, they advance to a level roughly equal to early Medieval Europe.
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