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 +====== Beta, The Wolf-Dragon ======
 +The Lurking Lord glanced up from his work, and realized that time had passed, and he was as yet unrepresented in the world. ​
 +And thus, did he ponder deeply what would best represent him, and he decided to try a limited beta before the final release.
 +So he created Beta, The Wolf-Dragon,​ a gray furred quadripedal creature, with green, leathery wings, and overlapping plates of armor like chitin along its underside (including its thick, furry, otherwise reptilian tail). ​ Then did the Lurking Lord grant it the ability to breathe fire (for nothing bearing Dragon in its name could do without some form of impressive breath weapon). ​ Then he gave to his Avatar the ability to teleport, that it could get down to the world from within his realm.
 +And so didst the Lurking Lord release Beta unto the world, that he may represent him in the coming times.
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